Meet the Team

Taylan Kaya Taylan is a fanatic Galatasaray fan. He works in defense technology specialized in project management. Özlem Enginyurt Özlem currently works in a major consulting company. But she also wants to open a bakery or restaurant. Any ideas? Ceyhun Bulun Ceyhun is an entrepreuner. He had a startup focused on training software for pilots. … Continue reading

Welcome to Bilkent MBA Alpha Group

Welcome to Alpha Group. We are a group of Bilkent MBA students mad enough to take a class on social media during hot summer of July 2012. We are students of Jacques Couvas who is teaching “Managing Through Social Network” The group features: Taylan Ateş, Ceyhun Bulun, Onur Pekgöz, Özlem Enginyurt and Emin Okutan. Here … Continue reading